Dear *, hello, goodbye.


You are a butterfly

came in my life

quietly and gently

except you stayed

you were not afraid


You are the sunshine in London

just what I have been dreaming

you are always beaming

without you

the city is full of gloom

flowers would not bloom


You are the rainbow in my life

adding colour to my grey sky

giving me a reason to look up high

encouraging me to transform

after every storm


Your friendship is pure

that I am sure

I will keep it forever

I wish you better than ever









Sun Day

I know

If I go

I’d feel really low


How did things change so quickly

Last year this time you were lively


Thinner bones

Weaker tones

Your spirit remained warm

Usual talks and giggles

The pain appeared less brutal


There are things I want to tell you

I am waiting to hear from you

I’ll keep my time free for you



I miss you when I see you

How did it all happen so fast

All we talk about is the past

Nothing seems to last


I miss you when I see you

the you I knew

is battling

and never settling


it is not your fault

normal life came to a halt

I don’t know how to tell you

I don’t know how to be

I don’t know how to prepare


How do you explain your anger

towards something abstract

the way it kills you

kills me


How do you make sense

a pain so immense

without pretense








Evil Eye

You spoke without affection

that is nothing like protection

She is in pain

But you are not humane

And it confuses my brain


Do you see too many of them

So you’ve become numb

Do you not care

It is not your welfare

It is bloody unfair

Something I cannot repair


It kills me to watch

Over and over

She’s become slower

You’ve become colder


I wish you’d turned blindness

Into kindness

Hey, May

I can’t believe May was over

I am still a loser

Struggling to reach closure


A gig a week

Keeps my taste sweet

How do you spare room for feelings

When you are busy riding rollercoasters


Hangout that was overdue

Gave me something to look forward to

Thank you


Closure may never come

At least something begun

And I’m not done

Until it’s overcome