I miss you when I see you

How did it all happen so fast

All we talk about is the past

Nothing seems to last


I miss you when I see you

the you I knew

is battling

and never settling


it is not your fault

normal life came to a halt

I don’t know how to tell you

I don’t know how to be

I don’t know how to prepare


How do you explain your anger

towards something abstract

the way it kills you

kills me


How do you make sense

a pain so immense

without pretense








Evil Eye

You spoke without affection

that is nothing like protection

She is in pain

But you are not humane

And it confuses my brain


Do you see too many of them

So you’ve become numb

Do you not care

It is not your welfare

It is bloody unfair

Something I cannot repair


It kills me to watch

Over and over

She’s become slower

You’ve become colder


I wish you’d turned blindness

Into kindness

Hey, May

I can’t believe May was over

I am still a loser

Struggling to reach closure


A gig a week

Keeps my taste sweet

How do you spare room for feelings

When you are busy riding rollercoasters


Hangout that was overdue

Gave me something to look forward to

Thank you


Closure may never come

At least something begun

And I’m not done

Until it’s overcome

Friday Fool



No specific place to go

finding ourselves in places we don’t know

streets with coloured walls

and food stalls


Friday is nearly over

when strangers walk slower

than the gallerygoer

cafe regulars turn into

pub and club queue


we got on a swing

and sing

climbed up a thing

and spin


stared at pigeons eating

nobody else stopped walking

except for three dogs

who also wonder why

they toss the bread high


I looked like a fool

laughed like a fool

something so mundane

looked insane

I don’t care

whether the pigeons or me

looked more like clown


In that moment

I was fascinated




London is sunny

and funny



Happiness does not exist in the absence of sorrow

When I was young

I was not told how to prepare for the unexpected

people around me were not told how to prepare for me

when the rhythm went off

and I was gone

they assumed it was temporary

waited for me to be merry

my inconsistency was inconvenient

and uncomfortable

not as much for me as it was for everyone else

they were used to my bright side

consistent and predictable

but I did not get to choose my sunshine all year round

my friend did not get to choose to be around


at least now I know

happiness does not exist in the absence of sorrow







rain man

I did not like you when I met you
your repetitive words
strict adherence to rules

days after days
I watch you from distance
observe your persistence
without resistance

your differences grew on me
I just wanted to set you free
from the ward surrounded by tree

sometimes I wish you would reveal
how you feel
behind the wheel

you will remember every little word I spoke
but you won’t notice that my heart broke
on the day I made a joke

I still want you to know
your connection
without affection
is perfection
to me

From Terminal 5 to Platform 3

I waited for you at Terminal 5 in Chicago o’hare airport

4 years later

I’m waiting for you at Platform 3 Maidenhead Station in England

So much has changed

Yet so little actually changed


Still thrilled

Still deciding how I would want to greet you

Still saving all the silly things to tell you

Though the size of the transport has gone smaller

The speed slower

The cost lower

You are still the same guy

I no longer cry when I say bye

But my anticipation remains high


Every morning

I look forward to seeing you again when we part


See you at Platform 3