I don’t remember the last time
I saw a sky this blue
Perhaps someone drew
A painting of heaven
Perhaps I am just daydreaming
And everything is seeming
I’m sitting here letting time pass
Surrounded by grass
Don’t need to reveal
If it is real
Cos I feel
This place is ideal

Long distance, time difference

Busker across the street
put me to sleep
Made me forget this heat
Glorious sunshine
slowly fades at nine
dims the skyline

I’m trying to fall asleep
when you half open your eyes
to your sunlight
Is your side of sunshine newer than mine
or am I just always behind

sometimes I wish you could see what I see
with your own eyes
wish I could see what you see
without technologies’ guise

but it makes you realise
how big and marvellous
the world is
when my photo of dinner
is exchanged
with a photo of your breakfast

the world continues
as if this was a mundane fact
as if you experiencing life
in an opposite lighting
is just in my writing

I long forgot
living a different time slot
you are still in my thought
it means a lot