From Terminal 5 to Platform 3

I waited for you at Terminal 5 in Chicago o’hare airport

4 years later

I’m waiting for you at Platform 3 Maidenhead Station in England

So much has changed

Yet so little actually changed


Still thrilled

Still deciding how I would want to greet you

Still saving all the silly things to tell you

Though the size of the transport has gone smaller

The speed slower

The cost lower

You are still the same guy

I no longer cry when I say bye

But my anticipation remains high


Every morning

I look forward to seeing you again when we part


See you at Platform 3

13 Reasons Why S2

“We can have the best intentions and still fall short”

I continued with season 2, and man what a series.  (still not finished yet)
So far, I am beyond impressed with the production, filming, and script.
The more I watch, the more I realise how talented people out there are.
The soundtrack is perfect. It brings back my college Indie fever.

I admire the courage behind this series.
It must be difficult to plot and film this.
Despite controversies, the action of doing this is so bold.
Again it is up to the audience what message and story to take in.
But I strongly recommend this show.

Tonight I am thinking of this quote
“We can have the best intentions and still fall short”
We often think we know what others want or need, but we don’t.
Before we help others, perhaps the first thing to ask is
is it for their best interest, or ours?