Obsess over your city

I randomly walked into this beautiful scene – another reason why I am obsessed with London.

I know people always say you will eventually get bored or tired of your city but maybe ask me in 10 years. Yes I am still quite in love even after being spit by a stranger.

Chin Chin Lab in SOHO – Tiramisu Sundae. Coffee & Olive Oil ice-cream was my favourite part of this. The coffee taste was strong.


Trump Retirement Fund haha. It looked like people did donate quite a bit in there.

Four horse carriages having a stroll on one of the busiest streets in London. They looked amazing. I would love to take my parents on a ride when they come.

I am constantly amazed by the sights I see daily.

Love you London. Thank you for keeping my easily bored self entertained.


Some people are superheroes, get over it.

What a cute cinema in Hampstead, London! Hampstead was a lovely town with lots of cute dogs and babies. There was no sun but I appreciated the cool weather. It was the perfect 21 degrees. I am begging London to stay this cool all summer.

I finished season 3 Stranger Things and man what a mad season. My favourite so far!
If you have not seen it, you are honestly missing out on life.
There was not really a character that annoyed me. Normally in a series there would always be at least one that was really freaking annoying but I loved ST characters so much that I wanted to be in this series. Netflix will you hire me?
Can we all appreciate their outfits?
Why do we not dress like that anymore?

Here is a lovely house that I could not not take a photo of.


Soaring Saturday



I must type that in all caps because it feels like a deadly temperature for this city.

I grew up in a tropical island and I still struggle in this weather.

If the weather is cooler, I can always put on more clothes, but if it is hotter, I cannot take off anymore clothes or skin.

I am happy that it is a one day historical event on the BBC news and tomorrow we shall return to the normal weather.

Today I accomplished a lot by staying home.

This photo reminds me of how crazy life has been and also how quiet I have been at the same time.

Sometimes it is so crazy that you can only have more quiet moments to reflect and write so you feel alive.