Skin care is no magic

I stopped drinking alcohol recently and started drinking at least 7 glasses of water a day.

I used to drink perhaps 2 glasses of water maximum per day. Sometimes I forgot to do it completely.

Since I started this habit, my skin has improved. I find it more smooth and I can apply makeup more easily.

I also started testing a new routine:
Cleansing -> steam my face with boiled water -> face mask -> Zelens Z recovery intensive repair balm

Here are some photos I took afterwards.

I must admit it is quite tempting to want mulled wine now but I am resisting it after seeing the improvement of my skin.

Today I saw a friend who is older than me but looks way younger than me. She did not wear makeup. I cannot not wear makeup when I go out anymore and it saddens me. I asked how she did it and she said she does not stay up.

This is a difficult one as I often have trouble falling asleep. But after seeing her skin, I am determined to go to bed earlier. I am going to try it by an hour first and slowly adding it gradually. Hopefully I can start going to bed by 10pm everyday.

If you can share your favourite skin care products with me, I would like to check them out. I am testing out various products to find the most suitable ones. So far Zelens Z recovery intensive repair balm is fantastic (but why must the name be so long?!).

Please send any tips my way.




Recently my work has brought more awareness to me on the issues with isolation, particularly among autistic people.

Class leader should be actively looking out for exclusions. Academic performance is only a part of university life. If a student struggles to find support in class, chances are he or she may start losing motivations for university.

When you see someone who is not included in a group, whether it is at school or work, try and speak to them.

I cannot tell you how many times I have been in situations when nobody reaches out to the one(s) who appear to be the outsiders. Perhaps they are more shy. Perhaps the group already know each other well. Perhaps it’s both of the reasons or neither of them. If you have been in this situation and are unlucky enough to be the outsider, you know that feeling is not pleasant and you ask yourself why you bother to come in the first place.

If you are unsure of what to say to them, ask a question.

I notice that people love keeping their own group of friends and it makes perfect sense cause we all love our comfort zones. Having new people in is difficult when you already got that group of people that you are most familiar with. But imagine yourself as that new person, you would want to be included and you would love a sense of belonging.

Sometimes all it takes is for one person to be that kind soul to step out of their comfort zone and welcome them.



Social World

The older I am, the more I am confused about the social world.

How odd is that?

I guess my brain and development is working backwards.

I honestly miss the old days when I was in school as a little girl.

Befriending people was easier and nothing was complicated.

Growing up, I have to pick up social cues.

Sometimes people do not mean what they say, and they say so just to be polite, and I am supposed to realise that.

I think it is possible to be straight forward but nice at the same time, but not many can do so.

I try to give my best, to love and to show genuine interest but it is harder for me to know if people are honest with me in the adults world.

Or sometimes my honesty just scares others away.

There is too much fear in the social world – fear of offending others, fear of being rude, fear of being left out, fear of being forgotten, fear of being used, fear of not replying and not getting replies…

It is honestly too much.



Filtered life

How difficult is it to share the bad with people close to you?

I am frustrated.

I do not feel that people are on the same page with me.

There are very few who are willing to be honest and vulnerable with me.

If all you talk about is the good in life, am I missing something?

It also makes me not want to talk about the bad, because I do not want to feel like the only person being exposed.

Mutual honesty and vulnerability is almost impossible.

Am I the only weirdo who hates the question how are you?

I just find it meaningless if nobody is going to tell the truth.

I am not sure what it is that hinders people from sharing the bad, the messed up and everything that is not on social media profile.

Is it pride?

Is it uncomfortable?

Is it social expectation that we should have everything together by a stupid age?


Just take me back already to school years when we say, “I don’t like you” to someone’s face when we truly don’t like them.

Everything was simpler.


(Shot was taken by me, if you like it, please support my photography page).