Your words are dead

Forget all the values you promote

Forget the advert you used minorities

On purpose

If you cannot bother to include them

In your mundane conversations

In your social gatherings

How can you claim you care

Let alone love

Nothing did, does, will change

Your irony is alive and well

Your words are dead to me



I wrote this poem about my frustration with the society.

It upsets me to hear another person sharing this experience with me.

I have been there myself so I know what it is like to be left feeling “the outsider.”

Nothing seems to change.

The government and our society are good at creating slogans to persuade us that they want unity and they celebrate diversity.

But in reality, it is easier to make themselves look good than to examine and confront their internal biases and change their own behaviours.

I am inspired by this article The challenges of making friends from other racial groups

If you truly want change, start from yourself.

Invite a colleague of different race to lunch.

Talk to a minority classmate who appears on their own.

Actions are more contagious than words.



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