Skin care is no magic

I stopped drinking alcohol recently and started drinking at least 7 glasses of water a day.

I used to drink perhaps 2 glasses of water maximum per day. Sometimes I forgot to do it completely.

Since I started this habit, my skin has improved. I find it more smooth and I can apply makeup more easily.

I also started testing a new routine:
Cleansing -> steam my face with boiled water -> face mask -> Zelens Z recovery intensive repair balm

Here are some photos I took afterwards.

I must admit it is quite tempting to want mulled wine now but I am resisting it after seeing the improvement of my skin.

Today I saw a friend who is older than me but looks way younger than me. She did not wear makeup. I cannot not wear makeup when I go out anymore and it saddens me. I asked how she did it and she said she does not stay up.

This is a difficult one as I often have trouble falling asleep. But after seeing her skin, I am determined to go to bed earlier. I am going to try it by an hour first and slowly adding it gradually. Hopefully I can start going to bed by 10pm everyday.

If you can share your favourite skin care products with me, I would like to check them out. I am testing out various products to find the most suitable ones. So far Zelens Z recovery intensive repair balm is fantastic (but why must the name be so long?!).

Please send any tips my way.



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