Filtered life

How difficult is it to share the bad with people close to you?

I am frustrated.

I do not feel that people are on the same page with me.

There are very few who are willing to be honest and vulnerable with me.

If all you talk about is the good in life, am I missing something?

It also makes me not want to talk about the bad, because I do not want to feel like the only person being exposed.

Mutual honesty and vulnerability is almost impossible.

Am I the only weirdo who hates the question how are you?

I just find it meaningless if nobody is going to tell the truth.

I am not sure what it is that hinders people from sharing the bad, the messed up and everything that is not on social media profile.

Is it pride?

Is it uncomfortable?

Is it social expectation that we should have everything together by a stupid age?


Just take me back already to school years when we say, “I don’t like you” to someone’s face when we truly don’t like them.

Everything was simpler.


(Shot was taken by me, if you like it, please support my photography page).

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